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Rhizome is a creative project made by nice people.

Rhizome believes that in the overpopulated market of niche perfumery, most brands have distanced themselves from the customer with high prices, impersonal branding and a fake sense of luxury.

Rhizome believes that a fresh approach is required, an approach that is focused on the customer, on simplicity, on quality and creating an experience of value.

Rhizome has chosen to make great fragrances affordable.

Rhizome believes that higher prices does not always mean better quality.

Rhizome is about helping people understand that there’s no need of over complicate something so simple - it is not necessary.

Rhizome is focused the creation of a great product. We want our scents to do the talking.

We believe that when its done right, a fragrance is not just a scent, but an experience. An experience that becomes a memory. An aroma that can bookmark a moment in time.

This is what we believe, and you better believe we are going to stick with it!



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